Linux Support

One Dot One-Time Ticket solution

Provide a range of support and configuration services,

Single issues are refereed to as tickets, and include on-site show up (for supported region), and remote logins.

Cost is different based on the region.

Kuwait single ticket: cost 25KWD.

Rest of GCC: 250SAR & equivalent.

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1- Purchase of the service equals a signed authorization letter to sing-in. providing the credentials means you accept the evaluation processes.

2- Single tickets are prepared on ‘2’ stages, ‘A’ to evaluate the issue, ‘B’ to apply the recommended fix.

3- There is no guarantees on the recommended fix. Accepting the fix means you totally responsible for the results (The fixes are provided AS IS).

4- If issue is not resolved in 48 hours, we guarantee credit returns.

5- We are committed to fix the issue in businesses days.

6- Extended system evaluation could take up to 2 weeks.

7- WE DO NOT FIX dependency hell ( ).

8- The offer includes but not limited to backups creation, moving hosts, first layer security.
software configuration.