We offer a managed SMB utilities to accelerate production and reduce consumption time.


Web Hosting

A single node (none-shared) with configurable management interface (Cpanel, Directadmin, or any pick of yours), at cloud standards.


4vCPU, Expanded to 8vCPU at high load.




SSD storage 30GB.

Access to separate internal Database server.

Free regional CDN server.


Email Hosting

Follows best standard, and implemented anti-spam DNS records.

1 Mail box cost 7 KWD / M, with 3 aliases

*An alias is a different address (or different domain) that lands to the same mailbox.

App Development

We act as the translation between your app development entity (we also have our recommendations) and the success of the app.

We apply the Cloud standards for distributed and effective App. If you intend to deploy a real App we are happy to meet.