Why Us?


Our deployments are even tested & stressed to scale at enormous rate. We never risk that point when things get out of control.


We utilize the cloud at heart, since it would give us the standard we wish for, and the continuous we are looking to.


Our network is distributed across the plant, with the best upstream providers to create an incredible uptime with 1GbE & more connectivity.


& Restriction, We force a restrict policy accross our internal operations and data access.


Managed Infrastructure

Our expertise rely on the cloud and long term deployments, we design, build, test and support all our artwork for the term of the contract. E-commerce, internal ERP systems, Live streaming and more, it is all on us.

Mobile App Developments

One Dot, wide background allow us to deploy specific work applications, smartphones can be turned on to create personal workflow devices, but that’s require’s us to cut it for you.


Allow One Dot to utilize its public infrastructure to serve you, we offer a simple hosting service, web deployment and E-mail solutions.

Support & Linux Systems Contract

One Dot share its experts, we will help you to troubleshoot, solve, and configure your own services with physical show off or a set of tickets. We also provide a yearly support contracts.

Continuous Monitoring

We surprise the spikes, our main monoitoring system automate the problems to be solved, our second monitoring system send the alerts and customize the reports to our team, and we have an external 3rd party monitor to force the service level agreement.

Redeployment and Failover

Upon detection, our deployments either failover to better suited platform, or increase the capacity to what is needed to keep the SLA uptime.